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Solar Power Battery Storage

Pairing Solar PV panels with a battery storage system allows you to store excess energy which can be used later. Even if you already have an exisiting solar setup, these systems can still be installed. It is a smart way to maximize your solar investment and ensure a consistent energy supply throughout the day and night.

How does Battery Storage work?

Excess energy generated by sources such as Solar PV can be captured and stored in a battery, where it is accessible for future use. Your stored energy can be used if you require more electricity or when there are cases of grid outages causes by high demands.

Benefits of using Battery Storage


Own Your Energy

By installing a battery storage renewable energy system, along side your Solar PV, your home/office will be greener and you own your own energy.


Saving You Money

A battery sorage system combined with Solar PV panels can save you up up to 90% on your energy bills.


Sell Excess Energy

Did you know you can sell your power to the grid when demands are high? Selling prices range from 1.5p - 3.5p (Price per kWh).


Flexible Installation

Even if you already have solar panels, you can easily add a battery system. This flexibility ensures simplicity and a cost-effective way to boost your green energy use.


Low Maintenance

Once your battery storage system is installed, it requires very little maintenace. This low maintenance, yet high efficient system makes clean green energy easy for you.


24/7 Energy

If you decide to store your solar power, you can use your energy both day and night, whenever you need to access it.

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