Replace Your Boiler With A Brand New Heat Pump - £7,500 Grants Available

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BUS Scheme Explained?

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS Scheme) is a government grant (£7,500) for homeowners in England & Wales. This heat pump grant allows funding for installation costs required for air source heat pumps (ASHPs). This renewable energy scheme is designed to encourage homeowners to upgrade their existing heating systems, by converting to a renewable heat pump.

Spread the Cost

Did you know you can set up a payment plan with our flexible financing options? These flexible payment plans are are aimed to help make heat pump installations more affordable for you. If you do not want to pay a big upfront cost for your heat pump (ASHP) grant allows funding for installation costs required for air source heat pump installation, financing is the perfect solution

How It Works?

A fully qualified MCS installer from our team will be able to check whether you're eligible for the £7,500 heat pump grant. If you are then great news! We are able to apply for the heat pump grant on your behalf. Once the grant is approved, our registered MCS installer will carry out the work. Do not worry, our team are here to help you through the full process from start to finish. (MCS Certification Number: APH-47840)

£7500 Government Air Source Heat Pump Grant

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Government Grant for the Install of Heat Pumps

Air source installations and converting your existing boiler system have never been easier. Thanks to the new £00 government grant for air source pumps, just like the suitable old-fashioned boilers used to be, getting one is affordable. It's not just saving money; it's you enjoying EPC ratings through the roof with increased water pressure, and now, an intelligent heating system that pays you—just like your snowbird suntan but without the SPF.

If you're considering switching to a heat pump, now is the perfect time. The Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) makes heating your home even more accessible and eco-friendly, at the same time as saving you money on your energy bills. Our team will guide you through the full process, considering the year of your building, the material used, the number of bedrooms, the number of occupants, and the results from the heat loss survey. We will recommend the appropriate heat pump with the most recent technology for substantial savings. Let's transform your home's heating for a better, more efficient future!

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Air Source Heat Pump Installation By Transcrew Heating & Cooling Technologies Limited Air Source Heat Pump Installation By Transcrew Heating & Cooling Technologies Limited
Heat Loss Survey Thermographic Imaging

Heat Loss Survey on Your Property

Before considering which heat pump works for you, it is important to understand the importance of heat loss in your property. Our team will visit your property and note down building specifications, number of bedrooms, emitters, door & Widow types and lots more. This data can then used to calculate the overall U-Value and dertermine how much, and where your household is loosing heat from.

Choosing the Right Heat Pump For You

Everyhouse hold will require a different ASHP (air source heat pump) depending on your building year, materials used, mumber of bedrooms, number of occupants as well as the results from the heat loss survey we carry out.

Make Your Home More Insulated

By insulating your property correctly, you are able to enjoy the perks of renewable energy, such as lower energy bills and a comfortable living enviorement. Find out more about our heat loss surveys to have all the information you need before making the switch.

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