Spread your costs with our monthly finance options

Did you know you can set up a financing option with Transcrew Heating & Cooling Technologies Limited? Invest in renewable solutions like air source heat pumps by spreading the cost with our monthly instalment plans.

If this is something you would benefit from, please feel free to use our finance calculator to explore the options available. Once you're ready, we'll organize the payment plan with Kanda for you. If you would like to request a quote online, remember to select yes to the financing option if this is something you would like to set up (select no if you do not require a payment plan).

Flexible Repayments (optional)

Flexible repayments offers you the freedom to spread the work costs on a monthly basis. By using this option you have the flexibility to adjust your repayment schedule according to your financial circumstances. Whether you want to pay back early or need more time, flexible repayments with Kanda is the perfect solution for you. This ensures that your financial commitments align with your budget, putting you in full control of your payment plan. Paying on finance is optional depending on your current circumstances, if you wish to pay in full that is no problem at all.

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