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Solar Powered Vehicles

Make the most from your electric vehicle with our Solar EV solutions! Using solar power for your electric vehicle saves you money and reduces your carbon footprint as you drive. Join the movement towards a cost-effective and eco-friendly future.

How Does Solar EV Work?

Solar electronic vehicles have solar panels on them that converts sunlight into power for the car, so whether you're driving or parked, these eco-friendly panels generate extra electricity to help run your car. By installing a solar EV system, it means you can reduce your use of vehicle charging stations.

Benefits of using Solar EVs (Electric Vehicles)


Reduce Fuel Costs

By using solar energy for your electric vehicle you are using a free and renewable resource. This means in the long run you will be saving money on your fuel bills.


Enviormentally Friendly

You can help contribute to a greener environment by switching from fossil fuels and using solar powered energy for you vehicle.


Low Maintenance

Comapred to combustion vehicles, solar powered electronic vehicles use less moving parts meaning your maintenancece costs will be reduced in the long run.


Smart Home Integration

Your solar EVs can be integrated with your smart home, allowing full flexibility when it comes to managing and monitoring your charging remotely.


Government Support

New petrol and diesel vehicles will be be banned from sale in the UK between 2030-2035.n Governments are supporting the transition of solar powered vehicles.


Increase Resale Value

As Solar EVs are being equipped with the latest technology, this may result in a higher resale price opposed to traditional vehicles.

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